Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Eight

It's pretty early on day eight, so I haven't written anything. I don't think I wrote yesterday either. But I did vlog. Twice. I made a nice little video about flowers as procrastination. So, enjoy that one. Also, my NaNo vlog was only half about NaNo. It was also about the library -_-
As I know it's incredibly important information that you're dying to know after seeing that video, I shall tell you. I did go to the library and explain myself to another very nice lady that I see there all the time and she said she'd talk to the other librarians and stuff. She's not really allowed to take fines off. Stuff like that. But, when I checked a few hours later, my fine was gone. So, now I can buy myself a Diet Coke.

Hopefully I'll be writing a lot today. But, you never know.

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